King I Noah, born Deward  Mc Leary,  was grown in the beautiful town of  Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica. He was born with a God given talent. Since the age of 9 he wrote his own songs.Then he started DJ in the ghettos of Port Antonio with sound systems like BLACK CULTURE, BLACK GOLD and AFRICAN LOVE. He came to the attention of TAURUS-INTERNATIONAL and became the resident DJ for them. There he performed alongside great acts such as: SUPERCAT, NEKODEMUS, RED ROSE, CUTTY RANKS and many more... King I  Noah then caught the attention of JACK RUBY, the producer of the legendary BURNING SPEAR. So another JACK RUBY student rises to the occasion. 

JACK RUBY himself drove to the town of Port Antonio to go look for the brilliant songwriter and humble Rasta man. And carry him on tour to present his talent to the Reggae scene. He performed along-side artists such as YELLOWMAN, BRIGADIER JERRY, JOSEY WALES, TIGER, GENERAL THREES, PREZIDENT BROWN, PADDY ROOTS, LEUTENANT STITTCHIE and many more...
In the 90´s the first Records were released, jamaican7" vinyl, the Songs "THE ARK", "KING SELASSIE I", and "JAH BIBLE"...Time could not stop him. Only strengthen him. The race is not for the swift, nor the battle for the strong But for those who can endure long log long!Since the year 2000 King Noah lives in Switzerland and does performances with many different Sound systems and Live Bands too. With "The Sixth Revelation",( Jamaican Reggae Band based in Germany, King Noah´s first Album was produced, and it named “HOLDING ON”,  And was released 2002 by GIDEON PRODUCTIONS.

The Cd holding 14 Tracks which are really worthy to listen, King Noah has a wide spectrum of Styles, the best words we can find to explain: " RASTA GOES DANCEHALL"...2012 now the veteran King I Noah, who truly devoted his time and his life writing songs of love and redemption for the poor and our troubled world, is ready for big things again!

The second album "VISION OF A BETTER WORLD" with Singles like "SONG FOR THE WORLD" & "FEELING IRIE TONIGHT" is just finish. These 17 tracks will surely blow you away. I won’t say more, just take a listen.Recording and mix by Bassie Williams. Backing vocals Nicole sawyers(, Andrew Robison, Dancehall Queen, Bassie Williams and King I Noah.